Aromas at No 4 offer a range of services to work with you to create your own signature scents, that are bespoke to your requirements, whether you want your own private labels, are getting married or require beautiful scents throughout your home.


Private/White Label

Aromas at No 4 offers you the opportunity of having your own range of scented products for your business or event.  Every item is hand-poured from our studio, so timescales of when products are required is important.  We can accommodate all size order volumes – We produce batches as low as 10 units per fragrance so you can have a combination of fragrances.

Candles MOQ – 50 units total
Wax Melts MOQ – 50 units total
Reed Diffusers MOQ – 20 units total 

You can place an order direct – please contact us at for access to our private label and wholesale portal.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail, click on the link below to book an appointment with us.

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If you are planning on getting married, why not create your own scent to encompass your memories of your special day.  We have helped many couples to find the right scent for their day, working directly with them to find that special fragrance that compliments the chosen flowers, perfumes & other scented items. We also work with your venue to ensure your chosen scent is evident throughout the day.

We partner with our glass manufacturer to obtain bespoke candle vessels to a colouring/design of your choice so the product you choose is bespoke to you. 

Timescales are important as the chosen product has to go through a thorough testing process over a period of time to ensure quality and compliance.

If you would like to book a consultation, please click on the link below.

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At Home 

We have worked with and created some lovely scents for our clients within their home space – if you would like to create your own signature scent for your home, you can choose from a range of products, candles, diffusers, room mists, all hand poured with your own chosen scent. We work with our glass manufacturer to obtain bespoke candle  to a colouring/design of your choice so the items are bespoke to you.

If you would like have a chat how Aromas at No 4 can scent your home space, please click on the link below and we can arrange an appointment.

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